Arben Shkodra

Managing Partner

Mr. Shkodra joined Damiani & Partners in 2014 as the Managing Partner. He was graduated at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy. For more than 11 (eleven) years, Mr. Shkodra held the position of the head of Department at the Albanian Prime Minister Office. During his career he held also some other parallel public positions such as: Ad-Interim General Director for Patents and Trademarks; Head of the Authority for Conflict of Interest of the Council of Ministers. He has been elected as a Board Member for a second mandate of 4 years at the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania. Mr. Shkodra is also a member of the National Council for EU Integration, National Economic Council and National Committee for Trade Facilitation. In 2016, he has been appointed to a position of Secretary General of the Albanian Manufacturer Union, one of the most important business organizations that aims to support the Albanian industry and manufacturers.

Ledio Milkani


Mr. Milkani has completed his studies as MSc for Legal Science. He worked as a legal expert and public working relations working to the public administration and was engaged in some central institutions (among them the Ministry of Labor). Mr. Milkani has been a part of the civil service, a member of committees, boards and various working groups for the preparation and implementation of Albanian legislation in the field of labor, employment and vocational training, labor inspection, legislation for foreigners, private agencies employment, conventions of the International Labor Organization, European Union Legislation, the European Social Charter, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the UN Convention on International Sale of Goods, Insurance Legislation, Private Pensions.

He has been a member of the negotiating team for signing the SAA (Stabilization Association Agreement) from 2003-2006 on (Chapter of Social Affairs and Labor Relations). Trainer certified by TIPA (Training Institute of Public Administration Today (ASPA)). Preparatory and trainer certified by TIPA in the Senior Management High Level Trainings Public Administration 2004-2005.

Erjola Lami

Attorney at Law

Ms. Lami holds a bachelor degree in Law and Philosophy and received a MSc in Private law and Business law from the European University of Tirana. As a law student she has been engaged in various law offices as a paralegal and later as a legal assistant handling diverse tasks. Being very energetic and aspired she has also been involved in organizing and giving lectures on legal matters in different auditors. One of the most outstanding experiences of Ms. Lami, is the participation and receiving the winning title of the second edition of Moot Court Competition organized by the OSCE Presence in Albania. Currently she is an attorney at law handling cases and representing clients in court. Her practice focuses in complex civil and commercial litigations but not limited.

Meri Koça

Junior Associate

Ms. Meri Koça is a graduate of the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law. During her graduation years she took part in various training courses regarding human rights, Albanian labour legislation and corporate law which awaked her interest to pursue her Master’s Degree studies on Civil Law. Ms. Koça is working at Damiani and Partners, managing day-to-day operations and providing support to the partners. Her duties include drafting and managing legal documents, conducting researches, supporting case preparations and keeping clients informed by maintaining contact.

Saina Miziri

Legal Assistant

Ms. Saina Miziri graduated from University of Tirana, Faculty of Law. Currently she is completing her Master’s Degree in Public Law and attending training courses regarding Corporate Law. She is working as a legal assistant at Damiani & Partners assisting partners, run matters for Albanian and foreign clients, maintaining correspondence with them and managing legal documents. Ms. Miziri is committed in making the most of every opportunity to develop her legal skills and become an established legal practitioner of Corporate Law, which is now her primary aim.

Selda Danaj

Legal Assistant

Ms. Danaj holds a bachelor degree in Law and received a MSc in Civil law from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law. She has served in other legal firms before joining Damiani & Partners and brings her experience as a added value in our firm. Currently she assists international clients with legal expertise with a focus in civil and commercial matters.

Migena Hoxha

Legal Assistant

Ms. Hoxha is a graduate of the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law, working as a legal assistant at Damiani and Partners, managing day-to-day operations and providing support to the partners. Her devotion brings a creative approach to problem solving to her team and adds value to the whole team. .

Iva Herri

Financial Expert

Ms. Herri graduated from University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics. She has shown interest in Accounting and Financial Reporting, completing so a Master of Science in the European University of Tirana. She has joined Damiani & Partners team in the position of the accountant, handling the financial procedures of the office and the clients.