Legal & Financial Advisory

Corporate Finance

We understand the value of vision. The company's and entrepreneur's vision and aptitude for ambitious growth can benefit from financial expertise. At Damiani & Partners, we are committed to partnering our clients with a long-term perspective and providing well-researched corporate advisory services, professional advice, relevant to business needs including expansion, divestment, acquisition and restructuring.

o Business Planning

o Company restructuring

o Debt Advisory

Merge & Acquisition

Our firm has matured important experiences in advising its clients during a selling or buying process through negotiations with private or public parties to conclude the following agreements:

o Acquisitions

o Divestitures

o Split/Divisions

o Mergers & Share exchange

o Company valuations

o Spin-offs

o Joint Venture

o Management Buy out/in

We manage the transfer process in order to maximize our clients satisfaction both from the economic point of view and for the continuity of their business through:

o Tax & legal due diligence

o Identifying, selecting and analyzing potential purchases

o Research potential partners both in Albania and abroad

o Tax & legal structuring of the transactions

o Full support during acquisitions of companies and groups

o Merger, split and reorganizations

o Transfer pricing

Legal Services

-Our legal advisory service allows the client to operate in an appropriate legal way in order to minimize any potential legal dispute of any kind. Having said that, our aim is to help our clients keep on top of the risks and opportunities arising from changes in law, we anticipate latest legislative purposes in the jurisdictions that are important to the business. The assistance that we offer extends also to representing and protecting our client’s interests before the judicial authority regarding in various disciplines of the law.

o Legal due diligence

o Legal Gap analysis

o Drafting legal acts and legislation

o Legislative and Policy Lobbying

o Litigation

o Legal investment consultancy

o Contract Law

o Commercial Law

o Tax & Custom Law

o Labour Law & Employment Law

o Concession and procurement


Business & Strategy Development

We strongly believe to have a role to play in helping our clients transition from old reactionary behavior to adopting proactive and dynamic business models and value propositions. We help build purpose driven companies that thrive on addressing market challenges.  We sell our time, skills and experience in process oriented and strategic consulting, combining corporate governance, management consulting and international development in an innovative and entrepreneurial way. Our area of expertise include:

Strategy Design

Business Restructuring

Management of Changes

Project Management

Project delivery is becoming increasingly complex. Schedules and budgets are often tight, execution can be difficult, and often there are a vast amount of stakeholders who are increasingly concerned about how a development impacts their community or the environment. One single delay can have a ripple effect on the entire project. We understand the specific commercial, technical and collaboration challenges associated with projects. We provide advice on project delivery improvements, helping clients create long-term value in developing and managing their assets. In addition to this, our consultants provide extensive senior managerial and operational experience to help clients with their capital asset investments and portfolios.