Applications from entities for the extended financial assistance package will be accepted until June 5, 2020

Employers who do not apply for financial assistance to their employees will face penalties
May 22, 2020
Changes in the legal act on the activity of the courts during the duration of the epidemic caused by Covid-19
June 1, 2020

The General Directorate of Taxes informs the public that the latest amendments to the VKM no. 305 dated 16.04.2020 define new criteria for obtaining financial assistance, support of the Albanian Government.

According to these changes, all individuals, former employees in the entities that are allowed to carry out activities or are closed according to the orders of the Minister of Health and Social Protection, who have left work from 1 March 2020 2020 to May 17, 2020, are beneficiaries of the assistance of 40 000 (forty thousand) ALL.

The application for the beneficiary employees, performed online, by the employing entities, until June 5, 2020, excludes them from the penalty for non-application.

In cases where the employer does not complete the application by June 5, 2020, all beneficiary individuals (according to the attached lists) will be given the opportunity to receive financial assistance automatically after verification of the criteria based on the data available to the tax administration or data that employees or ex-employees will submit.

The General Directorate of Taxation calls on all entities that meet the criteria according to VKM no. 305 dated 16.04.2020, as amended (according to the attached list), to meet the Request for benefit of financial assistance, for beneficiary individuals according to the aforementioned VKM . The handling of these requests will be automatic, after the submission of the Completed Form, in the Status section the Approved note is displayed, which means that the request has been approved automatically and will continue with the payment of the 40,000 ALL financial aid.

Source: General Directorate of Taxes.