Small business taxpayers will not pay simple profit tax installments for 2020

The amendments to the law no. 8438 dated 28.12.1998 “on income tax” enter into force
May 3, 2020
Notification on the establishment of the joint commission for certification of software solutions manufacturers/maintainers
May 3, 2020

The tax administration informs taxpayers, subjects of Simplified Profit Tax, that the normative act no. 19, dated 23.04.2020, which changes the Law no. 9632, dated 30.10.2006 “On the local tax system”, as amended, has entered into force.

According to the amendments to this Law:

The prepayment installments of Simplified Profit Tax of 2020, for taxpayers subject to this tax liability, will not be paid. The normative act no. 19, dated 23.04.2020 has been published in the Official Gazette no. 73, dated 24.04.2020. You can get acquainted with Law no. 9632 dated 30.10.2006 “On the local tax system”, amended at